Amazon VP Invites Ocasio-Cortez To “Take A Tour” Of Amazon Facility After Critical Tweet

Reputed master of the clapback Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just got a taste of her own medicine…dished out by Amazon senior vice president for worldwide operations Dave Clark.


In a tweet AOC referenced myriad reports in the media about the strict performance metrics at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which reportedly make it difficult for workers to take bathroom breaks and also involve difficult conditions like working without air conditioning (one report even accused Amazon of hiring ambulances to wait outside one facility to attend to workers who fainted from the humidity). Perhaps the most notorious allegation, that has surfaced again and again, is that Amazon workers feel compelled to urinate in bottles because they risk having their wages docked by taking a bathroom break.

She even insinuated that the conditions inside Amazon’s warehouses were akin to “sweatshops”.

In a quote-tweet reply, Clark insisted that “these claims simply aren’t true”, and that, contrary to popular perception, jobs in Amazon’s fulfillment centers are well-paid (minimum wage of $15) and come with good benefits like health insurance and pre-paid educational programs,

Clark even invited her on a fulfillment center tour so she can see it for herself.

No word yet on whether or not she has accepted the offer.