American Voters Are Angry And Want Real Change

American Voters Are Angry And Want Real Change

Donald Trump is electable, He will make a good President and here’s why:

A great majority of Americans are are not happy with how things are going in the nation, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Monday, and almost nobody trusts the government all the time.

Out of the poll of 1,563 registered voters conducted on 20-25 August fully 71% said they are dissatisfied with how matters are in the country, and 41% said they are “very dissatisfied,.”

Just 2% of the voters said they are “very satisfied, and 26%  said they are “somewhat satisfied.”

The poll, which carried a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points also showed:

27% are “angry,” compared with 49% who expressed dissatisfaction, but not anger.

21% said they were satisfied with the government but not enthusiastic.

2% trusted the government “almost all the time,” and 13% said they trusted their leaders in Washington “most of the time.”

51% said they sometimes trust the government, while 34% said they “hardly ever” do.

Congressional Republicans drew a 12% job approval rating from the voters, compared with 81% disapproval and 31% approve of the party as a whole.

27% of the voters said they approved of the job Democrats in Congress are doing, compared with 66% who disapproved. The party overall drew 40% approval and 50% disapproval.

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