Analysis of margin levels – EURUSD: temporary uncertainty.


Long-term trend: temporary uncertainty. The maximum accumulation of volumes of the current contract is located in the range, of quotations 1.13615-1.13995. Currently, the pair is trading within the specified range, indicating a temporary uncertainty.EURUSD: temporary uncertainty. Medium-term trend: goes short. The maximum accumulation of volumes of medium-term trend is located at the quote 1.14218. At the moment, the pair is trading lower, which indicates the strength of sellers. The area of profitable prices to sell in terms of marginal cover is located between zones 1/4 and 1/2 constructed from the minimum 21.12.2018. Quotation of the lower boundary of the zone 1/4-1.14016, quotation of the lower boundary of the zone 1/2-1.14478. Intraday objectives: update the lows from 21.12.2018 – 1.13554, medium-term objectives: test the higher bound of WCZ – 1.13014.EURUSD: temporary uncertainty. Trading recommendations: The volume of the long-term trend prevents entry into the transaction, I recommend to refrain from new positions or Sells from a range of favorable prices 1.14016-1.14478in the formation of a reversal pattern. Sell: 1.14016-1.14478, Take Profit 1-1.13554, Take Profit 2-1.13014.

WCZ (weekly control zone)

GWCZ (golden weekly control zone)

SWCZ (silver weekly control zone)

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