And The Worst-Performing Currency Since Trump’s Election Is…

Putting aside the hyperinflationary collapse of Venezuela’s black market Bolivar, the Mexican Peso continues to languish since Donald Trump was elected President in Nov 2016 as trade wars and border wall discussion weigh the currency down.

As Bloomberg notes, the Mexican peso’s more than 15% rally since Donald Trump took his oath of office and softened his trade talk hasn’t been enough to repair the battering it took after the election. The currency is still down around 4% since the vote, lagging peers that are also sensitive to trade with the U.S.: the Canadian dollar, the Chinese yuan and the Korean won. Lingering uneasiness about Trump’s trade policies should continue to haunt the peso, as was seen in this week’s wide swings after the president made opposing comments about Nafta.


But, on the other hand, amid economic stumbles and nuclear armageddon on its doorstep, the Korean Won (and KOSPI) is outperforming

As it seems World War III threats is good for South Korean stocks??!!

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