Breaking News: Trumps former campaign manager to be charged over Russia

After months and months of speculation and rumours, it looks like it is finally happening.


According to the New York Times, Paul Manafort the former campaign manager for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been ordered to surrender as he will face charges connected to Russia interfering in the 2016 US election.  His business partner, Rick Gates is also due to be charged.


Over the weekend the media was a buzz with anticipation that arrests would be made today and it looks like both Manafort and Gates are to be the first people to charged over the so called “Trumpgate


Apparently, Manafort has been under investigation for several months and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia’s meddling has intensified.


Manafort worked with the Trump campaign between June to August 2016 when he stepped away due to the fact that he had worked in the past with a pro- Russian party in Ukraine and questions were asked about his past business dealings.


Rick Gates worked alongside Manafort on the Trump presidential campaign and stayed on after Manafort stepped down, also being part of Trump’s president elect inaugural committee.


The nature of the charges that Manafort and Gates will face are currently unknown but needless to say this breaking story will have a lot more twist and turns to come.


The markets have so far shown no interest in this new development, with gold at the time of writing trading at $1271.09 and the USD index currently trading at 94.553.

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