Clinton Ally Tom Steyer Blasts Lawmakers For Failing To Impeach Trump

It appears Billionaire Clintonite Tom Steyer is surprised that the nationwide ad campaign he bankrolled to urge members of Congress to impeach President Trump hasn’t yielded results by now.

Steyer went off on both Republicans and Democrats Friday after a House vote on articles of impeachment garnered a paltry 66 votes.

“This vote is not a reflection of whether or not Trump has passed the threshold for impeachment, which he did months ago,” Steyer said Friday in a press statement after the vote. “It is a failure by members of Congress to do what’s right to keep the American people safe.”

Steyer, a billionaire former hedge fund manager from liberal California, launched his ‘Need to Impeach’ movement in October of 2017. While more than four million people have signed his petition, Democrats aren’t particularly happy with the initiative. Democratic leaders believe pushing for impeachment could hurt their party’s chances in the midterms later this year. Steyer underscored his campaign by sending copies of Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury” to every lawmaker.



Nancy Pelosi has criticized an impeachment campaign as being impractical and suggested it distracts from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Steyer, who supported former Secretary for State Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, backs the Mueller investigation but thinks there is an “open and shut case that [Trump] has met the criteria for impeachment”though he has yet to produce specific evidence of this.

According to the Daily Caller, there was speculation that Steyer was using his $20 million impeachment drive to run for office. But he rebutted this earlier this month during a press conference in Washington. Steyer said he will spend 2018 dumping millions of dollars into campaigns to unseat Republicans instead of campaigning for California’s open gubernatorial seat.

But regardless of whether Steyer ultimately runs, this cringe-worthy video he made to kick off the “Need to Impeach” campaign will live on the Internet forever…

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