CoinShares announces two new crypto investment funds

The CoinShares Group has announced two new flagship crypto investment funds — the CoinShares ‘Active’ Fund (a multi-coin, alpha-generating, active strategy); and the CoinShares ‘Large Cap’ Fund (a passive, large-cap, basket fund).  As the group behind the first bitcoin and ether exchange traded notes (Issued by XBT Provider AB) and the world’s first regulated bitcoin strategy (GABI), CoinShares is fast becoming a leading light in crypto-finance — with over $1 billion in crypto-assets across a suite of exchange traded and private investment products. Its product line-up comprises offerings which all represent ‘first of their kind’ products: For example, Bitcoin Tracker One and Ether Tracker One were the first exchange traded bitcoin and ether products, globally; and CoinShares Fund 1 was the first fund denominated in cryptocurrency (ETH).

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