Company News – Become FreshForex analyst!

Forex forecast contestDear clients,

You have a chance to join the FreshForex team! Share your forecasts and compete for a FreshForex analyst post.

From December 19th, 2018 to January 31th, 2019 publish the relevant forecasts about any about any Forex, stock market or commodity market assets available for trading in FreshForex platforms in the contest section of FreshForex forum.

FreshForex experts will select the best forecast and its author will become a FreshForex fundamental analyst!

Moreover, every participant gets bonuses to trade and withdraw without limits! The total prize pool is $300.

Please read the full terms and requirements bellow before publishing your forecats.

Don’t miss your chance to become part of our team!

Full Terms↓

1. The Competition takes place from December 19th, 2018 to January 31th, 2019.

2. During the competition period a participant shall publish at least one fundamental analysis forecast in the forum competition section.

3. Forecast requirements:

3.1. A participant can write a forecast about any Forex, stock market or commodity market assets available for trading in FreshForex platforms.

3.2. The forecast period and the assets’ name must be mentioned in a forecast title.

3.3. A forecast can be written in any following languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian.

3.4. A forecast must be at least 90% unique according to the Advego Plagiatus at the time of publishing. Minimum length of the forecast is 500 symbols.

3.5. Forecast must include a chart to confirm the forecast. Chart requirements: .png or .jpg format, width 650px, height from 400px to 650px. One forecast can include no more than three charts.

3.6. After a forecast is published in the forum competition section it may be published on another resources as social networks, forums, blogs, but only with link to the original source.

4. Winner selection:

4.1. Every participant gets $1 to their FreshForex Classic trading account. Follow the link to open the account.

4.2. Bonus $1 is credited from February 1, 2019 to February 5, 2019. The bonus is available for withdrawal, increasing trading volume and in the time of draw-down.

4.3. One participant can get only $1 per day (only during trading days) regardless of number of published forecasts.

4.4. Prize pool is $300. If the prize pool is depleted by January 31, 2019 FreshForex reserves the right to finish the competition ahead of time and chose a winner.

4.5. The winner is a participant chosen by FreshForex experts. The winner becomes a FreshForex fundamental analyst.

5. After forecast is published in the forum competition section the forecast rights pass to FreshForex. These forecasts are considered as the author’s private opinions. The company is not responsible for result of trades based on the participant forecasts.

6. FreshForex reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and time limits of the competition.