Company News – Bitcoin is overrated!

Bitcoin is overrated!Dear Clients!

This is the headline that all cryptocurrency skeptics are waiting for but we will face the reality.

Over the last week Bitcoin has dropped some weight by 2% as traders recorded profits after rapid growth. In February, the American exchange Nasdaq plans to launch futures trading on bitcoin, which may provoke further growth of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

In addition to cryptocurrency, you have over 60 popular instruments at your disposal to trade with FreshForex. Let’s take a look at the leaders of the last week:

1 place – Natural Gas Contract (#GAS) has shown 50% profit. The trend appeared in connection with the depletion of the natural gas reserves in the US and Europe.

2 place – Intel stocks (#Intel) increased by 30% due to a positive quarterly report which is expected to be published on January 25.

3 place – Microsoft shares (#Microsoft) brought 20% profit, which is explained by the active share purchase although the financial report is expected only on January 31.

4 place – Contract for the NASDAQ-100 stock index (# NQ100). The US stock market is breaking records thanks to positive quarterly reports of corporations and brought more than 15% of profit.

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