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Forex lessonsDear clients,

Huge Forex trading world is full of difficulties. Where to start? FreshForex together with professional traders and analysts created free section “Forex education”, where you can renew knowledge.

Where to find Forex trading theory? Look in “Forex Trading: an Interactive Tutorial”. This section contains 4 chapters, 2 of them titled by questions, which every trader ask to themselves:

1. Introduction to the Forex market

How to calculate forex spread? What is the margin? How many base currency 1 lot contains? What order you need to set to take no losses? — “Introduction to the Forex market” will answer these and other questions.

2. How to predict the price movement?

From this section, you will know, how charts help you to decide on coming trade and why it’s important to analyze all economic and political news in the aggregate.

3. What do you need for profitable trading?

This section answers the questions, why you need the psychology of Forex trading and what rules of money management you have to take into consideration to rate all risks.

4. Trading system: the way to success

In successful trading, you will not cope without an elaborate trading system. How to create an applicable one? Section “Trading system: the way to success” will help to understand it.

Take the professional path with Forex education!