Company News – Trading signals: top assets to earn this week

Dear clients,

In the FreshForex arsenal is the strong tool for rapid market analysis — Forex heatmap. With its help it’s easy to find out the most profitable trading assets: select the interesting trading assets and specify period in heatmap configurations. The heatmap will compare the selected assets and show which of them may bring the highest profit!

Let’s look at how it works:

1) Stock indexes are growing due to the progress in negotiations between the USA and China. It’s favorable time to make profit with indexes #SP500, #ASX and #HSI.

2) ADX indicator on the four-hour chart shows a steady downtrend in the USDCAD pair. The good moment to sell!

3) The accident at the largest oil field in Saudi Arabia caused rising oil prices. While oil supplies have not resumed as usual, consider buying #BRENT and #WTI.

Use Heatmap of the most volatile assets and trade profitable!

Please note that market situation is constantly changing and Forex heatmap does not guarantee 100% trading success.