Donald Trump, “I Am In This Race To Win And Make America Better.”

Donald Trump, “I Am In This Race To Win And Make America Better.”

Donald Trump said Tuesday he has no debate coach as the 1st GOP presidential debate approaches next week. Instead, he will be himself.

“I am what I am,” Mr. Trump said in an interview Tuesday night.

“Romney had a debate coach, and Obama had a debate coach,” Mr. Trump said. “I thought Obama was terrible, but Romney got worse and worse every time there was a debate. By the time they had third debate he was catastrophic.”

“I have to be myself. If it is not good enough, that’s OK,” Mr. Trump said. “I’ll go on to other things. I’ll ride into the sunset and build some more buildings and create more jobs and that’s OK. I am doing this because I want to make America great again. That’s why I am doing it.

Donald Trump distanced himself from his lawyer Michael Cohen Tuesday. Mr. Cohen was reported to have threatened a lawsuit against a Daily Beast reporter if he ran a story about Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, using the term “rape” during divorce proceedings during the early 1990’s. Ivana Trump has since said her ex-husband did not rape her and that he will make a terrific president. Story over.

He lamented the fact that the press could print untrue stories and people like himself who are public figures cannot sue for libel.

The old story likely came up again because he is doing so well in the polls, Mr. Trump said. The latest Monmouth University poll shows Trump with double the support of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the early primary state of New Hampshire.

Donald Trump has 24% to Jeb Bush’s 12% in that poll released Tuesday.

“The people of New Hampshire, the people of Iowa, these are amazing people, because I’m doing great in Iowa, too,” Mr. Trump said. “They’re amazing people, great people. They want to see our country be a great again, and no politician’s going to be able do that.”

Trumpeting for Trump.


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