Elliott waves analysis – A buy place is around 1.27355.



A buy place is around 1.27355.

Wave Analysis

During the previous trading week, the weekly candle traded intensely to the lowerside but is still petty much within the weekly candle seen during the week ending 25th January. On this pair, we’re still buyers as long as the price remains above 1.27355. This level is both a weekly and a monthly level and as long as then price remains above it, we’re waiting for a buy from this level. You could place a pending buy limit order around 1.27355 and stop loss below 1.24825 and take profit at 1.42339. On its way upwards, the key lines to look for include 1.32700, 1.35325 and the next at 1.37950.

Trade Recommendation:

A buy place is around 1.27355.


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