Forex Technical Analysis: Trend potential – Buy GBPUSD with your take profit at 1.32.


Technical observation

GBPUSD is in an active up trend. While the TDI lines are above the level 68, this is a possible overbought scenario, we;re waiting for a possible sell sign. While the price is held above 1.3146, I expect further momentum to the upperside towards 1.32. But in case the price breaks and closes below 1.3146, then I expect a possible momentum to the lowerside towards 1.2984. On its way to the lowerside, the key lines to look for include 1.3084, 1.3028, if these lines are broken, then a possible momentum towards 1.2984 is expected.

Trade Recommendations:

Buy GBPUSD with your take profit at 1.32.

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