Forexlive European FX News Wrap: Has Draghi finally run out of doves to set free?

Forex trading news and economic data headlines 28 April 2017
Another paint drying watching session sprung into life with the start of European GDP numbers. France kicked the match off and went down injured in the first 5 minutes with poor Q1 numbers. The euro had a half hearted look at the recent 1.0850/55 lows but didn’t fancy a real push and that marked the bottom as other starts took to the field. Germany grabbed the ball but couldn’t find the net with only mildly positive retail numbers, so it was up to Spain to grab the limelight with a half decent performance in GDP. The euro slowly zigged-zagged it’s way higher (with more zig than zag) and soon we were testing 1.0900. Then the Eurozone took to the pitch and smashed a 50 yarder (40 if you adjust for the revision) into the top corner of the core CPI net. The euro cheered and promptly stepped up to 1.0947 to collect the high of the day trophy.