Gab Booted By Hosting Company After Synagogue Shooting

Update: Gab has secured a new host:

Following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, social media network Gab was given notice by its hosting provider, Joyent, that they have until Monday to move the website elsewhere before they would disable it. 

In a Sunday tweet, Gab said: “@joyent, Gab’s new hosting provider, has just pulled our hosting service. They have given us until 9am on Monday to find a solution. Gab will likely be down for weeks because of this. Working on solutions.”

Gab came under fire immediately after the shooting when it was revealed that suspected attacker Robert Bowers was an active user who frequently ranted against Jews and President Trump. His last post on Gab reads in part: “Screw your optics, I’m going in” shortly before killing 11 people at the Tree of Life congregation in Squirrel Hill. 

Hours after the shooting, PayPal severed ties with Gab with no explanation: 

In August, Microsoft threatened to cease hosting services for Gab over two anti-Semitic posts, according to founder Andrew Torba, who deleted the posts and subsequently moved hosts to Joyent.  

Reactions to Gab’s “deplatforming” have ranged from shock to applause. 

They’ve already received at least one offer for a new host: 

As Gab and others noted yesterday following PayPal’s decision, Robert Bowers posted to other social media networks, while plenty of bigoted, threatening and “hateful” content exists on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. 

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