Intelligent Trading Startegy

Strategies with the use of the indicators are popular trading systems, which are widely used by Forex market traders. Quite often, these strategies are based on the use of 2 or 3 indicators, and a task of a trader is to determine a point when all the indicators give identical signals for entering the market. A strategy described below is based on the use of 5 indicators, which increases the accuracy of determining an entry point and consequently, makes this strategy one of the most profit-making. The other advantage of this strategy is its versatility, as it is applicable to all trading instruments. This strategy can be used on the timeframes starting from M15.

Indicators to be used:

Moving Average (Period 8, Smoothed, HLC/3)

Moving Average (Period 18, Smoothed, HLC/3)

Parabolic SAR (0.026, 0.5)

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