Hello Traders, I am an avid trader and EA developer.  My mission is to provide quality products that can facilitate you to achieve your trading goals.  No trader or EA developer can predict the future so I cannot make guarantees about future performance.  Therefore, my products will not try to hype you into downloading or purchasing them by promising you billions, dreams of flashy sports cars, or large Mansions.  What I can guarantee is every effort is being made to ensure the supply of the most robust EAs available.  EAs that maximise the probability of your account growing in the future; not to beat the market but to be within the flow of the market; better to be within the eye of the Tornado than to go to battle against it. Using my EAs brings with it a responsibility on the trader’s side.  The primary responsibility is not to risk too much when trading, responsible money management helps you stay within the eye of the Tornado, it does 80% of the work.