Iran Makes It Clear, A Good Deal Is Better Than A Fast Deal

Iran Makes It Clear, A Good Deal Is Better Than A Fast Deal

Monday, Iran let it be known that securing a good deal is more important than meeting a deadline in its nuclear negotiations with the 5P+1 UN group. The comment came from the country’s foreign minister as the talks approach a self-imposed 30 June.

Javad Zarif traveled to Luxemburg to discuss a number of issues, such as the nuclear policy of his country. He said he also hoped to discuss other Middle Eastern concerns, such as political unrest in Syria and Yemen.

“We have always tried to finish the job (resolving Iran’s nuclear issue) at the earliest possible opportunity,” Mr. Zarif said, as Iran’s Press TV reported. “Of course, reaching a good and appropriate agreement is more important than signing it a few days sooner or later.”

Mr. Zarif said all economic sanctions against Iran should be lifted as soon as a deal is reached. He said that the “issue of simultaneity” had already been resolved in the Lausanne declaration. He said that it was “clear” that Iran’s compliance with a nuclear deal would occur simultaneously with the lifting of sanctions.

Iranian negotiator Abbas Araghchi said little progress has been made in negotiations.

The deputy foreign minister’s comment came 21 months after the talks began. Mr. Araghchi is in Vienna to attend meetings with Britain, China, France, Russia, Germany and the United States. Mr.  Araghchi hopes to resolve differences on several major issues between Iran and the 6 world powers.

Mr. Zarif emphasized that Iran was not involved in any possible military dimension with its nuclear program. He stressed that it is a peaceful program.

He added that Iran told the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that it was ready to resolve any issue of concern. However, he said any cooperation would have to abide by international law and respect Iran’s sovereignty.

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