Kim Stopped In China For “Supreme Smoke Break” During 2,500-Mile Train Trip To Hanoi 

Call it the “Supreme Smoke Break”.

An anonymous cameraman managed to film the North Korean leader – who is rarely spotted in public other than highly-choreographed official appearances – taking a smoke break on a platform at the Nanning rail station in south central China during a break in the 2,500-mile journey. The journey ultimately took more than two days (by comparison, a flight would have lasted several hours).

To avoid insulting their Chinese hosts, Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, offered her brother a crystal ashtray to avoid spilling ash on Chinese soil. His wife, Ri Sol-ju, can also be seen talking with members of Kim’s entourage.

Kim has since arrived in Hanoi, where he will meet with President Trump on Wednesday.

On another note, Kim’s “running body guards” – who inspired many twitter wits during Kim’s meeting with Trump in Singapore – are back in Hanoi.

Kim and Trump will try to reach and agreement on denuclearizing the North and setting a timetable for lifting sanctions and formally ending the Korean War. However, this footage is just the latest reminder that one ill-timed “nic fit” could have serious repercussions for international diplomacy.


After arriving in Hanoi, Kim visited the North Korean embassy during the first public outing on his trip after arriving in Vietnam on Tuesday, Reuters reported.