Lenovo Seeks To Acquire Blockchain Validation Patent

The latest blockchain patent filing reveals that the Chinese technology PC giant Lenovo could be seeking for avenues to use blockchain for verifying the validity of its physical documents. In its application released recently by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Lenovo describes a set-up that would use the digital signatures encoded in the physical documents that are processed by the computers to verify the authenticity of the documents. The application was submitted in August 2016.

The processing system works by decoding the signature and translating them into the digital map of the physical document which looks similar to the physical copy at hand. According to the application, the digital signature symbolizes a security blockchain that has a series of the digital signatures representing various blocks in the security chain.

Lenovo also stated that its security blockchain focuses on the distributed database, which maintains the constantly growing list of data records secured from being tampered with or revised. Furthermore, each block has the information about the physical document at various points in time.

Lenovo clarified in its application that with the security blockchain, any party can have the authentic physical document even when there are multiple copies that exist and various people have made similar entries in the chain of modification. In case there are any forgeries, they will show up as the orphaned blocks in the system. To validate the physical copy, the user of the electronic device would take the picture of the printed code.

The company revealed that the system allows all the interested parties to hold copies of a given document and ensure that they are each viewing an authentic copy at any given time, thus eliminating the possibility of the document being altered after the pen-signature was applied on it.

Lenovo’s use of the blockchain is not the first experiment. Last year, IBM commenced working with the company on the blockchain-based invoice system. The report of that time suggested that the arrangement was intended to make the billing and operational data processes more transparent and easily traceable.

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