Let My People Go: How Trump And Cruz Could ‘Deliver’ The GOP

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“I am more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1,237 delegates needed to win,” said Cruz after winning by a landslide in Wisconsin. But what he didn’t say is that to do that before the nominating convention, he has to amass nearly 82% of all remaining delegates — a virtual impossibility.

Cruz knows only a miracle can get him to the coveted 1237 delegates needed prior to Cleveland. “I’m encouraged by seeing Republicans coming together and uniting behind our campaign,” Cruz recently said, arguing that old rivals rallying to him is “proof miracles can happen.”

The parting of the Red Sea is a better proof that miracles happen. But apart from divine intervention, it’s mathematically clear that the waves of Republican delegates will not be blown over to Ted’s side for a win before the GOP gathering this summer.

What can be counted on, however, is that the hard-hearted establishment cronies and elites will continue to unleash their full arsenal of sorceries, like Pharaoh against Moses, to thwart the people from actually choosing their leader prior to the convention — even if it means political plague, pestilence and destruction ultimately descend upon their Republican kingdom.

Hell bent on #NeverTrump, the elites have formulated a trifecta of spells to keep both Trump and Cruz from securing the nomination. The first divination channeled through one of their old high priests, the failed Pharaoh-in-Chief Mitt Romney, was to split the vote by backing whoever might win a particular state’s primary delegates. Their endgame: conjure up a contested convention and thereby stop the exodus.

Magical Mitt demonstrated the effectiveness of this craft in the Ohio primary by campaigning aggressively for Kasich, only to stab him in the back a week later by sending out robocalls throughout Utah and Arizona in support of Cruz and calling a vote for Kasich a vote for Trump.

In addition to splitting the vote, the pharaoh class simultaneously began to woo and recruit delegates (or appoint those that can be co-opted by the party bosses) that would abandon Trump if he didn’t receive the necessary 1237 votes at the convention on the first ballot.

The New York Times described this hexing as a deliberate plan of attack to “derail Donald Trump”, noting the pharaoh class will step up their campaign for the next 100 days “with a delegate-by-delegate lobbying effort that would cast Mr. Trump as a calamitous choice for the general election.”

Which leads to their third hocus-pocus: change the rules that the candidates have counted on and adhered to throughout this primary cycle. Pharaohs are notorious for agreeing to something, and then at the last minute going back on their word.

"It's still important to them that the perception is that the process is fair," says Peter Feaman, a Republican National Committeeman from Florida. Never mind the reality.

The major stumbling block for the establishment Egyptians is Rule 40(b) which states that if a candidate doesn’t get a majority of delegates in at least eight states, he can’t be nominated on any ballot — whether the first or twenty-first.

North Dakota National Committeeman Curly Haugland, a member of the RNC Rules Committee, told the Daily Caller that to get around this little inconvenience, he would propose an amendment to the GOP convention rules this summer that will allow any Republican candidate with at least one delegate to be “deemed” nominated on the first ballot. By doing that, abracadabra! It’s no longer a race between Trump and Cruz, but the top eight finishers including Kasich and a resurrected Bush. Primaries and caucuses be damned.

To power-protecting fat cat pharaohs, the only rule that matters is their rule.

Along with Trump, Ted Cruz was initially the object of their disdain and derision. Now he’s their last hope to force a contested convention. No surprise they are rushing to his corner. Mitt’s magical robocalls, Graham’s voodoo fundraiser and Bush’s enticing endorsement are only the beginnings of their duplicitous efforts. 

Shockingly, Ted seems to be falling for their manipulations.

“It won’t be Washington deal makers sending in some white knight who wasn’t on the ballot,” says Cruz. “It will be a fight between me and Donald and I think if we get to that, we win that fight, we’ll earn the support of the delegates that were elected by the people.” Sure.  Because pharaohs can be trusted.

“(I)t strikes me that (Cruz) should not be out there suggesting that the only two people who will be able to receive votes at the Republican National Convention are he and Trump by virtue of the fact that they have the majority of delegates from eight states or more. This is disingenuous,” corrects Lord Rove who is looking for a “fresh face” to nominate.

A more likely scenario is the pharaohs will continue to charm Trusting Ted, only to rain down their wrath on him and Trump once the convention convenes. Trump calls this the taskmasters’ Trojan horse maneuver. It’s the last remaining scheme that can halt the people’s exodus out of their decayed and dying Republocrat system of cronyism, corruption, kickbacks, and contempt for the Constitution.

Americans want to live in constitutional America, not some globalist empire that funds itself and expands its power through the enslaving of everyday brick makers, the cooked books of bailout dependent mega-corps, money printing central bank wizards, tax and spend overlords, open border bureaucrats, and institutionalized thieves that steal from one group in the name of compassion, but then use guilt and manipulation to shame those that have been stolen from.

This is the Washington cartel Ted has railed against, the same pharaoh class that is now gushing over him. Don’t forget how quickly Mitt stabbed Kasich in the back.

Only Trump can reach the 1237 before the convention. And therefore, it is only Trump that can lead the exodus out of their enslavement.

But without Cruz, the exodus will fail. Only Cruz can now ensure that the cabal’s conspiracies are negated and the party’s freedom from the pharaoh class is secured for generations to come.

How? First, Cruz must publicly acknowledge — in spite of the Wisconsin win — that he cannot and will not reach the needed 1237 delegates before the convention. Secondly, he has to come to grips with the overlords’ depraved lust for power and act accordingly.

Cruz is not suddenly the elites’ darling now that the slate of their candidates has been devoured. On the contrary, the pharaohs will unhesitatingly offer him up as a final oblation in order to nominate one of their own. If they fail here, any means is justified in their minds to ensure that their reign continues — including destroying the convention and thereby electing Hillary.

The only way to stop their contested convention madness is for Ted to suspend his campaign and unite with Trump — like Aaron alongside Moses — and spend the next seven months working with him, not necessarily as his VP (which is probably not be the best ticket to defeat Hillary) but for the sake of the country, regardless of any deal or position promises.  

By unifying and jointly building a freed and reformed Republican Party, the two can ensure the drowning of the pharaohs and their armies and lead the party into a promise land of limited constitutional government, low taxes, unmanipulated free trade, sound money, Judeo-Christian values, secured borders and a strong national defense.

True glory is found in sacrifice, and greater love has no one than this: that he lay down his life –- or in this case, his campaign — for his friends.

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