Mapping The Most Culturally Chauvinistic Europeans

Around Europe, some nationalities have a reputation for patriotism and chauvinism more than others.

Whether it’s someone from England reflecting on past colonial glories or a Belgian boasting about his country producing the best beer on the continent, Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes that a sense of national pride is certainly evident in many countries. That begs the question: which European countries are the most arrogant about their culture?

Pew Research Center survey set out to answer that question by surveying 56,000 adults across Europe. Respondents were asked whether they agree with the statement “our people are not perfect but our culture is superior to others”.

The following map shows the share of people in different countries considering their own culture to be superior to others and there are certainly some interesting results. Take Portugal where 47 percent of people agree with the above statement compared to just 20 percent in neighbouring Spain.

Infographic: The Most Culturally Chauvinistic Europeans | Statista

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The most chauvinistic attitudes towards culture were recorded across Eastern Europe with Romania (66 percent), Bulgaria (69 percent) and Russia (also 69 percent) on top.

The highest score of any country across Europe was actually recorded in Greece where 89 percent of people agreed with the statement.

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