Men Live Healthier, Women Live Longer

Men Live Healthier, Women Live Longer

New research shows more women than men live to the ripe old age of 100 in greater numbers than 10 yrs ago, but men tend to be healthier and have fewer diagnosed chronic illnesses.

The findings, by a team at King’s College London and published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, are based on electronic health records of more than 11,000 centenarians, including their rates of diabetes, stroke, arthritis, cancer, bone fractures, dementia, and hearing or visual impairments.

The study found a 50% increase in the number of females, and 30% increase in males reaching the age of 100 years between Y’s 1990 and 2013 compare to a decade before, and that women were 4X more likely to reach anni 100 than men.

But women were also more likely to experience multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities such as fractures, incontinence, and hearing or visual problems than men.

“We found a surprising number of 100-year-olds who had no major illnesses. However, as the number of people living to 100 continues to increase, it’s very important to understand the evolving health care needs of the oldest old,” said lead researcher Nisha Hazra, with the Department of Primary Care and Public Health Sciences at King’s College London.

“This will help to accurately project healthcare costs associated with the aging population. Future research should focus on understanding these implications to help develop healthcare services.”

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