Michael Cohen Switches Party Affiliation To Democrat

Move over Avenatti: there’s a new resistance warrior in town.

Fortunately for former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, “progressive” New York State allows felons to vote. Because after being a registered Republican for nearly two whole years, Cohen is apparently eager to cast his first ballot for the Democrats this November – so eager, in fact, that he recently went online and changed his voter affiliation back to Democrat, according to an Axios report. Cohen had been asked by the Republican National Committee to change his affiliation to Republican back in 2016 when he was approached to become deputy chairman of the NRC’s finance committee.


Technically, Cohen served in the deputy chairman role until June, around the time that he declared his “independence” from Trumpworld and revealed during an interview with George Stephanopoulos that he absolutely intended to throw President Trump under the bus to try and shield himself from charges of campaign finance violations and financial improprieties related to his personal business (this after Trump made clear that he would do absolutely nothing to assist the man who once said he’d “take a bullet” for Trump).

Cohen reportedly went online to the Albany-based New York State board of elections around noon on Thursday to make the change

Here are a few contextual tidbits that Axios thinks readers should keep in mind:

  • In his guilty plea in August, Cohen implicated Trump by suggesting that the then-presidential candidate directed him to keep the affairs quiet.
  • His quote to George Stephanopoulos in July: “I put family and country first.”
  • The source with knowledge of the situation told Axios that Cohen’s party switch is “consistent with what he told Stephanopoulos on July 2, that constituted his declaration of independence two days before Independence Day, with the key message to Stephanopoulos that now I put my family and my country first.”

To be sure, many Republicans believe Cohen is merely being opportunistic and trying to position himself as an Avenatti-like figure (that is, assuming he retains his freedom after his sentencing in December). Many suspect that he will be heading to prison for a spell after pleading guilty to eight felony counts, including charges of violating elections laws “at the discretion of the candidate”.



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