Money Is Not The Path To Happiness

Money Is Not The Path To Happiness

Buddhism holds that wealth is temporary and is not a path to happiness.

Money is unavoidable and it is our attitude to it that causes worry and stress. People need to have a positive system for measuring how they consume, produce, and share.

That being the case, there will always be money an industrial society. And all of us who want to work and get ahead have to learn the rules of money and how to use it. And of course it is prudent to plan.

Money in and of its self is not evil. Used properly is can be spiritual or divine powering the positive activities we wish to engage in.

The Big Q: Why is money seen as the solution to all our problems?

The Big A: In modern life, people wandering around thinking that our next stop will be exactly the place what we have been looking for. That is an illusion.

As with materialism, the notion of ‘If I get the right stuff, I will feel at home” is hollow because the way Western people are they can never get enough stuff.

Over the centuries money has become more and more abstract. But that does not make money less powerful, it is part of our identity. And often it is a cause for worry and distress. So, never do anything for money, do things you love to do, do them right and the money will come.

Buddhism teaches about cause and effect.

If a person’s mind is insecure, then no amount of money will ever make him.her feel safe. Even if heva $20-M there will be something to worry about. Remember that everyone else on this planet has anxiety of some sort. We are not alone.

Money is a stupid commodity, it can do nothing on its own, people must learn use money as a positive tool.

But money is an exchange. So, think about how it connects you to other people and use money to empower others.

People can be awakened, and make money at the same time. Those of us with compassion understand that money can empower very meaningful things in this world.

Always remember that the Path is not negative, the Path is the Path.

Have a terrific weekend.

Paul Ebeling

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