Neocon Radio Host To Challenge “Completely Unfit” Trump In 2020

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh announced on Sunday that he will run for president as a Republican, challenging President Trump in next year’s GOP primary race.

I’m running because he’s unfit,” Walsh told ABC‘s “This Week,” adding “Somebody needs to step up.” 

Friends, I’m in,” Walsh tweeted Sunday morning. 

Of course, that’s not all Walsh has tweeted – as the nevertrumper Bill Kristol’s “chosen one” has called former president Obama a foreign-born Muslim as recently as 2015. 

While Walsh has apologized over his past comments about Islam, The Federalist Papers notes that he “has acknowledged there’s little chance his candidacy will result in Trump losing the party nomination, and he is instead focused on offering GOP voters an alternative vision for the party.”

While he has argued that he plans to make the moral case for his candidacy, the former Tea Party congressman has a history filled with incendiary and controversial statements ranging from using racist slurs on Twitter to promoting falsehoods around former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and that he’s Muslim.

Walsh only served one term in Congress, but his candidacy does perhaps bring a more current figure from conservative circles into the long-shot picture compared to Weld, who last held public office over 20 years ago. Walsh’s nationally syndicated radio show and large online following arguably kept him more relevant. –The Federalist Papers

And how did Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh respond to Walsh’s announcement?