New ETH Addresses to Be Used

New ETH Addresses to Be Used

We at CEX.IO are determined to improve your experience with our platform as much as possible. We would like to let you know that we are transferring our ETH processing to another system. This is necessary to ensure that all our crypto transactions are processed in the same way. As a result of the transfer, the addresses for your ETH deposits will change.

What Should I Do?

This news means that you will need to generate a new address to fund your account with ETH. This is necessary to make sure that your Ethereum is successfully credited to your account in the shortest time possible.

So, before depositing ETH to CEX.IO, you will need to generate a new address. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Deposit button on CEX.IO.
  2. Choose ETH as the currency to deposit.
  3. Copy the address that will appear on the screen.
  4. Use the copied address to send your ETH to CEX.IO.

Important Note

Please note that, until July 21, 2018 only, the old and the new addresses will both be functional. This is necessary for us to ensure that the new system works correctly. It will also serve as a testing period to check that you can easily use the new addresses.

While both addresses will work for the time being, we highly encourage you to start using the new one immediately.  

The Following Actions

Please also consider that after July 21, 2018, the old addresses will be disabled. This will happen after we ensure that the new ones work properly and the majority of our users have started using them.

After the transfer is completed, sending your funds to an old address will cause significant transaction delays, or may even result in a loss of funds. So we recommend that you generate the new address for deposits now and start using it to send ETH to CEX.IO.

We are always grateful for your understanding and cooperation.

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