NEW USB Watchdog Reset Controller Watch Dog PC Stick Crash Blue Screen Automatically Restart for Bitcoin BTC Miner Mining

NEW USB Watchdog Reset Controller Watch Dog PC Stick Crash Blue Screen Automatically Restart for Bitcoin BTC Miner Mining

About Description:

The USB Watchdog is used to monitor computer systems or software, if found crash, blue screen, no response, then restart the computer by hardware.

It’s USB HID device, and free driver, free software for work. Apply to Windows (XP~Win10, 32 bit & 64 bit) system, and Linux system. Compact directly into the USB and RESET pins on the motherboard, Hardware reset to ensure effective restart of computer. Multiple applications for different user needs. Can also be used as ‘dongle’, Can be customized with the dongle functions.

A variety of unattended, long-term application to run automatically, Such as: advertisemet machine, queuing machine, information publishing system, monitoring system, games and so on.

1. The watchdog hardware plugs into the motherboard’s USB 9 pin socket.
2. The red & black line 2Pin header connects to the motherboard ‘reset’ pin (the position where the chassis panel reset button is inserted).
3. If you need to use the reset button for the chassis panel, you can use the adapter cable to connect the chassis reset button.

How to use:

Method for determining positive and negative direction of reset line(red & black):
1. Red line → Reset+,
Black line →Reset-(or GND).
2. The button of chassis plug in, positive and negative does not matter.
3. If you don’t know how to distinguish the positive and negative of the motherboard’s reset pin, Just plug in, the chassis ‘reset’ button is just plug in. Press the ‘Reset’ button on the chassis after power on, a normal restart then correct. It is connected wrong if no response when you press the reset button, to change the location of red & black lines on the motherboard after power off.
4. It is very important to power off when you plug in!

LED Status Description:
1. Fast flashing: Power on, the hardware is not driven, if it can’t automatically
drive for a long time, please check whether to plug in, or change
the USB socket and try again.
2. Flashing once per second: Hardware has been driven into the normal state, if the crash,
restart the system after 10 seconds by default, when using the
feed-dog software, restart delay is determined by the parameter.
3. Flashing twice per second: Watchdog function is turned off.
4. Always bright: Restarting PC.

Test method:
After the hardware installation is complete, use the following method to test whether the watchdog is working properly:
1. The watchdog light flashes once every second after the system starts;
2. Open the feed-dog software(USBWatchDog.exe) , the icon appears in the lower right corner of the desktop, Right-click on the icon after a few seconds, Exit the software, the system will restart after 10 seconds.
3. Complete the instructions above watchdog is installed correctly, using as well.

Method of use:
1. Simple Application
Free driver and no software is required to install. Applies to Windows, Linux and other systems, if the computer “blue screen” is found to be dead, the watchdog will restart the computer after 10 seconds.

2. Advanced Application
Using feed-dog software, It is able to monitor non-kernel crash, such as the ‘desktop’ or ‘browser’ no response. You can also monitor a specific software, if the software appears no response, restart the computer automatically.
Method of use: Add the feed-dog software(USBWatchDog.exe)shortcut to the startup item in the start menu, automatically run after boot. The parameters can be changed in the ‘Settings’ menu.
A. ‘Status’: on/off the Watchdog.
B. ‘Boot Delay’: To set the waiting time for the computer boot up.
C. ‘Restart Delay’: To set the waiting time for restart the computer after find the computer crashes.
D. ‘Monitoring Application’: To monitor the running of a program. Clicking the ‘select’ button shows the list of program that is running on the current system, choosing the corresponding task.
E. ‘Monitor Process’: To monitor the running process in the background

You’ll receive:

1 x USB Watchdog Kit

1 x Monitor Software(Tips: when you make a order, pls leave your email address to us, we will send the Monitor Software & Driver files to your email. Thank you!)

  • Please check pictures for more details.

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