Path2Parenthood Hails Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality

Path2Parenthood, (P2P, formerly The American Fertility Association), hails the historic ruling of the Supreme Court, stating that marriage equality is the law of the land. The decision in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges means that marriage discrimination in the United States of America has ended.

“Today’s decision is especially meaningful for all of us at Path2Parenthood. As an inclusive, family-building organization, we have been staunch, unwavering advocates for marriage equality and LGBT family building, embracing it wholeheartedly as one of our strategic goals for well over a decade, well before it was politically correct to do so in mainstream America,” stated Ken Mosesian, Executive Director. Mosesian also noted that taking a stand for LGBT family building initially cost the organization tens of thousands of dollars in support from those who didn’t agree with their stand.

Don Hribek, Chair of Path2Parenthood’s Board of Directors, noted that the Board officially approved marriage equality and family equality as position statements for the organization in 2009. “We took a stand for what was right long before it was popular, and we’ve been unwavering in our advocacy, education, and outreach efforts on behalf of the LGBT community. We celebrate today’s Supreme Court victory with thankful hearts.”

The Supreme Court decision will confer all the rights and responsibilities that come with marriage, making life for LGBT couples and LGBT-headed households with children safer, simpler, and less expensive in many ways, from health care, to social security, to estate planning.

Path2Parenthood is the unparalleled leader in LGBT family-building education, having produced myriad articles, handbooks, videos, blogs, toolkits and in-person events in multiple languages, geared towards educating gay men and women on the medical, emotional and legal aspects of family building.

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