Relax, Rest, Meditate, Walk Around In The Sun

Relax, Rest, Meditate, Walk Around In The Sun

It is Key to begin and end each day rested and relaxed

The day begins with sleep, at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Read: start the day well-rested, and get up on purpose.

A good regimen is this: before going to sleep and 1st thing upon waking, is to meditate. Again, the point is to start and end your day rested, relaxed and ready to go.

Start moving around each day, at work, and at home during your off-hours take a walk in the Sun

This is more important than working out a few times per week. Because even if you exercise regularly, or are a highly competitive and fit athlete, you may still endanger your health simply by sitting too much.

The Big Q: Why do we exercise?

The Big A: We exercise because we’re trying to replicate what our ancestors did. They moved around to a far greater degree than we do today, that because they did not have the technologies we do today to easily obtain food and shelter.

Our ancestors did not have to exercise because they rarely sat down. They moved around all day long, and research shows that this is absolutely Key to good health. Studies show that engaging in consistent exercise does not counteract the adverse cardiovascular and metabolic effects of prolonged sitting.

Non-exercise movement is recognized as being a foundational piece for good health. If you are currently sedentary, start by sitting less. get up, walk around.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively.


Paul Ebeling

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