Smoke Network Rewards Cannabis Users With Cryptocurrency

Smoke Network has developed a DPoS blockchain system to enhance its growth and efficiency to enable the self-funded rewards to be facilitated through a completely centralized, user-owned application that promotes network’s growth. The platform is intended to reward members with SMOKE coins for posting and curating the cannabis content on the platform. The interactions allowed include posting images, content, and product reviews on the marijuana strains and available dispensary facilities.

The company will allow the users to benefit from the platform through sharing the cannabis content with friends as well as learn from other users the accurate information about other crucial information from the experienced users and farmers’ insights. According to the new system, 50% of all the SMOKE tokens would be airdropped on the company’s subscribers so as to help them create a more sustainable model for the firm through an airdrop event that would run from 15th February 2018 up to 1st July 2018.

According to the Smoke Network, the cannabis social network platform is inspired by the thrilling cannabis community around the world and the company’s wide experience in managing the social media presence of more than a million users on its network. The platform also announced recently the launch of the ICO campaign that would allow its investors to buy SMOKE tokens from 20th April to 25th May 2018.

The startup company is focusing on the cannabis community with the aim of developing a better social network for its users. The team creating the platform is convinced that the issues facing cannabis users such as censorship of legal cannabis pages and monopolistic practices of social media companies like Facebook highlight the need for a decentralized platform powered by the blockchain technology that cannot be altered by any outside influences.

Some giant sites such as Facebook and Instagram have been shutting down the cannabis-related pages without issuing any warning thus hurting its clients. The company previously had built the to bring together the cannabis community from the Facebook fans and other social media whose social pages have been pulled down.

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