Sweden Declares ‘Hand Grenade Amnesty’ In Attempt To Stop Explosive Gang Violence 

On October 15, Sweden began a temporary amnesty program for anyone in possession of hand grenades or other explosives, urging the public to hand over their illegal arsenals before January 11, 2019, with no legal ramifications or questions asked. 

Sweden has had a hand grenade crisis and issues with organized crime since about 2010. Combine the two with refugees, and the country is on the verge of chaos with violent crime exploding. 

Sweden is supposed to be one of the most peaceful countries in Europe, but after offering amnesty to thousands of refugees, the country has taken a turn for the worse. 

According to official government data, 43 grenades were seized last year, of which 21 had been detonated. In 2016, 55 seized, of which 35 had been detonated. In 2015, a mere ten were detonated. 

In total, there have been 78 incidents of hand grenade explosions in Sweden since 2010, with more than half occurring in 2016. 

As Breitbart reports, “A grenade amnesty period beings in Sweden this week with the government guaranteeing those who hand in explosive devices to police not face arrest or prosecution…. The weapons amnesty is set to take place between October 15th to January 11th.” 

Sweden’s The Local explains the weapon amnesty in more depth: 

“The move was proposed by the center-left coalition government last year, with Justice Minister Morgan Johansson telling DS: “This is linked to criminal gangs who in general have increased access to weapons which they use against one another and against the judicial system. We must get these off our streets. 

During the amnesty period, anyone in possession of explosive goods without a license can hand them over to police without fear of punishment. It is possible to stay anonymous. Such goods include for example hand grenades, but also in general, detonators or other pyrotechnical goods such as illicit fireworks. 

Unlike during Sweden’s weapon amnesty earlier this year, it is not permitted to bring unwanted explosives to police stations. People are instead urged to call 114 14, the non-emergency police contact number, to report the weapons.”

This is not the first time government officials have asked citizens to surrender their weapons. Back in February, the first round of weapon amnesty was launched, police collected 12,000 illegal firearms that were mostly hunting rifles.

Earlier this year, a 63-year-old man was killed after picking up a grenade he mistook for another object, and a young boy lost his life in 2016 when gang members threw a grenade through his window. 

Here is CCTV footage from 2016 of an IED blast in Malmo, Sweden. 

Another CCTV shows the moment when an unknown person detonates a grenade in front of a police station in a “No-Go Zone” of Malmo. 

In a leaked report from Swedish police, there are 23 Muslim-controlled “No-Go Zones” and some 60 “vulnerable areas” where non-muslim citizens of the country are advised to stay out. 

As noted in the RT video below, these areas are plagued with violence, sexual assaults and gun crimes, and things have gotten so bad that police refuse to enter. 

According to the Swedish National Police Commissioner:  

“We see developments in our country which are not always going in the right direction… We have more than 60 vulnerable areas in and around major cities in Sweden..and we see criminality there and we need to turn around these developments in those areas… and we need the assistance of other parts of our society.” 

So it seems, hand grenade attacks are connected to organized crime gangs and refugees from “No-Go Zones.” 

The most common grenade used in Sweden is the M75, which originates from the Balkans and is transported into Sweden by car and or truck. 

The is an excess of military weapons in the Balkans, left over from the Bosnian War, including high-powered assault rifles, stockpiles of ammunition, and, of course, lots of hand grenades. Sweden’s organized gangs in “No-Go Zones” have solidified relationships with arms dealers in Eastern Europe that have helped them funnel military weapons into the country.

Earlier this year, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said that he would do whatever it takes, including sending in the military, to end the wave of gang violence in the “No-Go Zones.” 

Sweden has a hand grenade crisis — the only solution offered by authorities have been a series of weapon amnesty programs. If that fails, then it is likely the military will conduct raids in “No-Go Zones” across the country. 

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