Swiss City Zug Tests Blockchain Based Voting

Elections across the globe are something that is very critical and since they have high stakes people do their best to win an election and as a result, cheating becomes the only option. However, it seems like the solution to this nature of elections is underway-blockchain.

The Swiss city Zug is launching a trial run for a blockchain-based system election. The process started on Monday and will conclude next month on first. The trial period basically takes a non-binding questionnaire where people will vote whether they prefer fireworks at end-year festive.

The purpose of the trial is simply to make sure that the system works as well as iron out any possible bugs that the system might throw up.

According to Mayor Dolfi Muller in a few years to come, he believes blockchain will effectively be used in voting. Although he thinks that not all people have faith in blockchain or e-voting, for him he believes in the blockchain potential.

Muller believes blockchain provides an enhanced security than other systems that include a high protection against cyber criminals as well as misuse of other personal data. The decentralized nature of blockchain simply means no chance that a hacker can get in to manipulate the vote results.

The idea is a brilliant one with only one problem facing the trial being the size of potential participants. Zug’s eID system that makes an individual eligible to participate at the moment has 240 registered users. For those willing to cast their votes will, therefore, have to set up this eID but considering the weight of the issue to be voted on, probably many people might opt not to take part in the process.

Therefore, the main concern is for Zug to persuade individuals into the system, something difficult bearing in mind the conservative nature of Switzerland a thing that Muller is well aware of.

If all goes well and the voting gets successful, blockchain voting will definitely help counter the problems against e-voting. The blockchain technology is at the infancy stage but as it seems the future may be bright for this big animal called voter cheating.

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