Technical crypto analysis based on breakout – Buyers wait at $669.62


Buyers wait at $669.62

Technical Observation:

ETH is still rallying within a broad range, $669.62-$1393.69. These two levels are the key zone to look for a potential buy or sell respectively, as it is on the chart attached, I expect a surge to the lower side with my take profit seen at 669.62. If this line is breached, then I expect a momentum towards $178.00 or even lower. A rejection around $669.62 will call for a long position towards $1393.69. On the way upwards, the key lines to look for include 954.08, $1234.62 and $1393.69. if these lines are broken, then I expect a rally even higher towards $2000.00.

Trade Signal.

Buyers should wait for a rebound from $669.62 to long ETH towards $1393.69

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