Technical crypto analysis based on breakout – Expect more volatility to the lowerside


Expect more volatility to the lowerside

Technical Observation:

Just a couple of days ago, XRP slide below the $1.0000, and is still below it. Yesterday, XRP slide further and went below a potential support zone 0.9281-0.5833 and has just ratraced back to it. The current upward movements are just pullbacks and may not close above 0.9281, while the price remains below 0.7018, I expect seller to take charge. I choose to pick a short position now towards 0.7018, a breach below this support will mean waiting for a pullback to the just broken line ($0.7018) to resell XRP with my next take profit being $0.6000 and may go lower to $0.2300.

Trade Signal.

Sell XRP now with the first take profit at $0.7018

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