The Issues Americans Think Are Worth A Government Shutdown

As the deadline for U.S. federal budget authorization approaches, this infographic highlights the issues that people think are important enough to justify a government shutdown.

Infographic: The Issues Worth a Government Shutdown | Statista

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This infographic draws data from a Morning Consult/POLITICO survey.

As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, although 67 percent of respondents said Congress should do everything it can to avoid a shutdown, of all the issues, the one stated most often as being worth fighting for was the increase of funding for defense and homeland security.

President Trump's flagship policy of building a wall on the border to Mexico was the lowest priority for voters, with only 27 percent saying this should be a sticking point; perhaps indicating that the president's decision to back down on the issue won't be as politically damaging as some of his detractors might have hoped.

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