The Number Of Teens Attempting “The Tide Pod Challenge” Is Skyrocketing

Despite a flurry of warnings from cable-news doctors and furious parent’s groups, more teens are attempting the “Tide Pod Challenge” – to disastrous consequences (and the abject horror of Proctor & Gamble executives).

As Mashable reports, despite the “HIGH ALERT” warning issued by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), Tide Pod consumption has continued unabated.

“Last week, AAPCC reported that during the first two weeks of 2018, the country’s poison control centers handled thirty-nine intentional exposures cases among thirteen to nineteen year olds,” the report read.

That number didn’t last long, however.  “That number has increased to eighty-six such intentional cases among the same age demographic during the first three weeks of 2018.”

Tide pods have become an unexpected cultural phenomenon in the early weeks of 2018. People are baking “Tide Pod-inspired” donuts – a tastier, and less corrosive, alternative to eating laundry detergent.

This increase comes as P&G, the producer of Tide Pods, to contain the horrible trend. They’ve partnered with YouTube to remove videos of kids eating Tide Pods, and Amazon has removed those commenting online about how delicious the forbidden fruit is. Additionally, P&G released a statement to warn consumers and even hired New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski to spread the word.

So kids, next time you’re thinking about chomping down on a plastic pod filled with colorful – but extremely toxic – chemicals, remember what Gronk said..

No No No No No. No. No.


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