“The Time Machine” – Alfa Romeo Historical Museum

“The Time Machine” – Alfa Romeo Historical Museum


The original Alfa Romeo Museum was opened in Y 1976, reservation only, but free of charge, and about 25,000 enthusiasts came each year.

But following the divestment of the museum site, the Museum closed in Y 2011. There was concern about the future location and status of the cars, but thanks to the Y 2013 intervention of Italy’s Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the cars and the Centre Documentation were preserved at the same location.

Restoration work began in the Summer of Y 2014, and in less than 12 months a major redevelopment built by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (NYSE:FCAU) was completed.

In addition to exhibiting some of the most significant pieces of the Alfa Romeo collection, the museum provides other services: a bookshop, café, documentation center, test track, and event space.

A theme of the project is represented by a Red Line that runs through the entire complex; “Alfa Red” tape greets visitors in the parking lot and guides them to the beginning of the museum.

The Alfa Romeo Museum is divided into 6 sections, and includes 69 models that mark the history of the iconic brand.

The exhibition explains to the visitors the essence of the Alfa Romeo brand, condensed into 3 principles:

1. Timeline, which represents industrial continuity,

2.Beauty, which combines style and design, and,

3,Speed, the synthesis of technology and lightness.

Each corresponds to a floor of the museum.



It occupies the 1st floor, and is home to a selection of 19 cars most representative of the evolution of the marque, each accompanied by a short informational multimedia panel.

IMG_7927-sThe exhibition is complemented by an “interactive memory”, which allows one to delve into the history of the models and how the Alfa Romeo has become a legend, thanks to the work of thousands of men and women who worked with passion.


It occupies the ground Zero floor with different subject areas. The exhibition takes up the designs of the great Italian coachbuilders.

The Style Masters”, which covers 9 examples of the greatest designs of all time.

“The Italian School” is an exhibition of the Alfa’s produced in the ’30s and ’40s with bodies by Touring Superleggera.

At the center of the path is “Alfa Romeo in Film” followed by “The Giulietta Phenomenon” and “Giulia: designed by the wind”, with models that have accompanied economic growth and the taste of Italy in the ’50’s and ’60’s.


This occupies the entire lower floor. This is the area where, in the old museum in addition to racing cars, there were also displayed hundreds of awards won by Alfa Romeo drivers in the various competitions.

This is the most emotional, passionate area, where the protagonists of the great victories Alfa Romeo are encountered.

The “Birth of the Legend”, is a multimedia space that brings together the stars of the competition between the two world wars, to its debut in F1 and on to the wonderful “Project 33″ and “Racing in the DNA.”


The “Temple of Victories”, where a show of images, sounds, and movies tell the 10 greatest triumphs in the history of Alfa Romeo. The journey ends with “emotional bubbles”, a series of stations, which thanks to a viewer and virtual reality 360 ° allows the viewer to experience a ride on the Balocco test track with different Alfa Romeo models.

The museum allows the enthusiast full access to see the cars, and especially to photograph them, thanks to a well-focused exhibition and intelligent display.

There are no displays of cars like the 177, the return of Alfa Romeo cars to modern F1, or the cars that took part in the American CART series. Also missing are the 75 winners of the Tour of Italy, the 164 ProCar, the SEO48, the dream that never made only one lap, the promotional formulas such as the ‘Alfasud Trophy’ or the ‘Alfa Boxer’, and many others.

“The Time Machine – Alfa Romeo Historical Museum” is one of the most beautiful car museums in the world, and one that can boast of having only original cars. There are no replicas.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Milan, well worth a visit … it will fulfill a dream.

The Arese Museum, is open every day of the week except Tuesday.
The opening hours, 10: 00-18: 00, is extended until 22:00 Thursday.
The price of the ticket is 12 €, while the visit is free for children under 5 years old, accompanying a disabled person and tourist guides.
To get there by car from Milan take the A8-A9 motorway exit Arese-Lainate.
For more information, visit www.museoalfaromeo.com

Alfa Romeo is a unit of Fiat Chrysler Auromobiles NV (NYSE:FCAU)

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