The Zeitwerk Minute Repeater From A. Lange & Söhne

The Zeitwerk Minute Repeater From A. Lange & Söhne

This year marks the 200th birth anniversary of the German brand’s founder, Ferdinand Adolph Lange.

While the firm has unveiled updates and variations to its Datograph and Saxonia collections, the highlight is the Zeitwerk Minute Repeater.

The Zeitwerk Minute Repeater is  another example of Lange’s mastery of sound and an expression of the brand’s promise to develop continually and set out on new paths.

The idea behind this development was to create a modern interpretation of this classical complication. Therefore, Lange chose its most avant-garde movement to combine it with an unprecedented chiming mechanism.

6 patents have been filed on the project timepiece.

One of its most striking features is that Lange has chosen to move the gongs on top of the dial in the 2nd and 3rd quadrant creating a spectacle that you will want to show off should you have the chance to strap on this $510,000 wristwatch.

Interestingly, it is a decimal minute repeater, meaning that instead of chiming the hour, quarter and minute as in a traditional minute repeater, here it sounds the hour, 10 minutes and minutes.

Also, look carefully at the power reserve indicator at the top right of the dial and you will notice a tiny Red dot. Once the power reserves dips below Red, it will not chime the time any longer and instead redirect all the balance energy towards maintaining the timekeeping function until the timepiece is wound again and juiced up.

A watchmaker of this calibre knows that it is precise timekeeping, rather than theatrics (read a spectacle on the dial), that is at the heart of haute horology.

A Lange timepiece fulfills the desire for distinction, timeless beauty and lasting value. Therefore, all 3 aspects play a role in the decision to buy one of them.

“Over the past decade, luxury has become an overused word. Reduced to its core meaning, the taste for luxury has its origin in the human striving for perfection. We tend to see this as an eternal principle that requires us to join tradition, rarity, art and style to create timepieces, which are the epitome of the word luxury in the original sense,”  Wilhelm Schmid,  A.Lange &Sohne.

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