“They Will Not Silence Me”: McAfee Vows To Wage Presidential Campaign From Venezuela As He Flees Tax-Evasion Charges

Since he stopped issuing promo-tweets about ICOs (after allegedly being threatened by the SEC), one-time PC security pioneer turned crypto true believer has been relatively quiet (emphasis on relatively). To wit, he hasn’t issued any more outrageous promises about his willingness to consume a certain appendage in front of a live audience should the price of bitcoin not eclipse a certain level, and he hasn’t elaborated on an anecdote detailing his penchant for sexual congress with one of the ocean’s mightiest mammals.

In fact, he hasn’t said much of anything that would be considered headline-worthy. That is, until today.

In a video published on his twitter account, McAfee, who famously fled from murder charges brought by authorities in Belize, revealed to that he is officially on the lam after a grand jury was allegedly convened in Tennessee to pursue unspecified federal tax charges against McAfee and his family.

But don’t worry, McAfee fans. Because he isn’t giving up on the battle against tyranny. Which is why he will be waging his ‘McAfee 2020’ campaign in exile…from his boat.

But why exactly is the federal government coming after McAfee? Well, this might be one explanation: According to McAfee, for the last eight years, he has refused to pay federal income taxes. The government’s decision to prosecute himself, his family and – according to McAfee – several of his campaign workers – is just the latest indication that McAfee’s prophesy about cryptocurrencies eventually leading to conflict with governments is finally becoming a reality.

“Cryptocurrency will at some point come head to head with government. Why? Because when privacy coins are widely used, governments will no longer be able to collect income taxes. This is a good thing. We will some day be at war.”

But the government’s reason is flawed, McAfee says, because refusing to pay taxes isn’t actually illegal (according to McAfee).

“I have not paid taxes for eight years, I have not filed returns…I’ve been fine. It’s not illegal. Today…Jan. 22…the IRS has convened a grand jury in the State of Tennessee to charge myself, my wife Mrs. McAfee and four of my campaign workers with unspecified IRS crimes of a felonious nature.”

After piercing the government’s transparent ruse, the true motivation behind McAfee’s persecution should be obvious to all. The government is trying to silence McAfee for having the courage to boldly advocate for people to abandon fiat currency and switch to crypto. But rather than simply allowing the government to toss him in prison (where he presumably wouldn’t have access to twitter), McAfee is taking his battle to the high seas.

“They want to silence me. I will not allow that. So I am running my campaign in exile on this boat for the duration…I will not allow them to imprison me and shut my voice down, which they will do immediately. Why? I am a flight risk – obviously, I am in flight.

“I will be putting out videos every day to explain what has happened.”

We’re very much looking forward to hearing more from McAfee, soon to be the first presidential candidate to run for higher office while remaining a fugitive from justice.

Call him the Dread Pirate McAfee.

But where is McAfee going to seek refuge from the tyrannical US government? Why to Venezuela, of course!

And he’s bringing a few campaign workers with him.

We imagine President Maduro will welcome McAfee with open arms, if only for his crypto expertise.