Tough Guy Ted Warns “Sniveling Coward” Trump: “Leave My Wife Alone”

This embarrassing episode just goes from farce to farcical-er.

Phase 1:Cruz Reps "Cross The Line"

Almost a week ago, we were stunned when we learned that in order to support Ted Cruz and to "attack" Donald Trump, Liz Mair's anti-Trump Make America Awesome super PAC launched a Facebook campaign which in addition to showcasing Mitt Romney's support for Ted Cruz, emphasizing Trump’s past support for pro-choice policies, it also crossed the family line when it showed a GQ modeling photo of Melania Trump posing nude.



Phase 2: Trumps Warns Cruz…

Phase 3: Cruz Warns Trump – Don't Do The Same Thing To Me That [My Reps] Just Did To You (Or Else!)

Phase 4: Trump Goes There

Phase 5: Cruz Goes Full Rambo

So to sum up – 'Cruz' uses naked images of Trump's wife to disparage him to saintly 'Utah-ans'; Trump pissed; Cruz warns Trump not to reciprocate; Trump shows ugly picture of Cruz's wife… Cruz unleashes inner Hulk as Trump dares to do what Cruz reps did to him…

All we can say is – thank goodness there are no naked picture of Heidi floating around.

Stay Classy San Diego!

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