Triggered: NYC Millennials Unloading Feelings In “Rage Rooms”

Angry New Yorkers with pent-up rage have been going to safe-spaces for destruction to unload their triggerings, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal and Vox

The Rage Cage and the original Wrecking Club are two “rage rooms” conveniently located under Penn Station – used by over 600,000 passengers a day, making it the nation’s busiest – and perhaps most enraging, rail hub. 

At the Rage Cage, customers pay $45 to $120 to come in and smash dishes and electronics. Packages at the Wrecking Club, meanwhile, range from $25 for a “Hit It and Quit It,” 15-minute option to $245 for an “Extra Mad House” half-hour session for up to six participants. –WSJ

The patriarchy better watch out

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After signing waivers, participants are handed protective gear, including a construction helmet and gloves, before unbottling their rage on a wide variety of inanimate objects ranging from kitchen plates to computer equipment to furniture. 

Wrecking Club founder and co-owner Tom Daly, a former accountant, says he came up with the rage room idea on his own and only later learned there were similar venues in other cities—and one that operated in New York City in the 1970s.

He chose his location in a former restaurant because it was the only place he could rent. When you’re opening a rage room, he says, not many landlords want your business. “Beggars can’t be choosers.” –WSJ


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Post-rage proposal:

And while Penn Station is probably a great spot for angry New Yorkers to smash things, nothing beats an open field: 

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