Trump Jr. Slams GOP Establishment: “They’re Used To Losing”

Donald Trump Jr. took a break from campaigning for Republican Congressmen and women ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm vote to lash out at the party establishment during an interview with the Hill TV’s Buck Sexton. In some of his most scathing criticisms yet of the party that his father has helped to fundamentally reshape, Trump Jr. claimed the GOP establishment was “used to losing” before his father showed up and saved them from a Hillary Clinton presidency.

“You have that typical establishment side that they’re used to just losing,” the president’s eldest son told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

“Someone calls you a name ‘Oh we just give up. We fold.’ That’s what they do. That’s been their history,” he continued.

Trump Jr. followed this up by listing examples of political battles that ended in a resounding defeat for the Democrats, from staring down Democrats who briefly forced a government shutdown earlier this year over demands that DACA protections be enshrined in law, to the successful confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


In each of these examples, Trump stuck to his guns and fought back instead of capitulating to the demands of his critics.

All of these political victories are helping Republicans realize – though it isn’t “in their DNA” – that if they fight, they can win.

“Whether it was the Schumer shutdown with DACA, whether it was Kavanaugh. Name one other Republican that would have lasted more than two seconds in that fight. But wait a minute, if you’re right, the facts are on your side, and you have a backbone, you can actually win these arguments,” he said.

“I’m not sick of winning yet, and I don’t think they are either, and I think they’re starting to slowly realize while it may not necessarily be in their DNA, that if you fight, you can win, and we can keep this agenda moving forward,” he said.

Trump Jr. went on to list his father’s other accomplishments, from tax reform to a growing economy to adding two conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

We imagine Trump Jr. is hoping to galvanize supporters of the president to get out and vote in the midterms. As he emphasized during the interview, all of his father’s accomplishments, including the booming economic growth, “could all go away tomorrow” if the left retakes control in Washington. His father has asked supporters to “pretend my name is one the ballot.” And with tax reform, two confirmed SCOTUS justices, deregulation and tightened immigration controls under the president’s belt, he has a strong case to make. But attacks like this could further strain his already tenuous and transactional relationship with Republican leaders.

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