Trump, Pence Condemn “Despicable” Attacks Against Obamas, Clintons And CNN

Update IV: President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence both condemned the attempting bombings, with Pence saying these “despicable” acts have “no place in our country” and Trump adding that he agreed “wholeheartedly.”

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Update III: The Mayors office and the NYPD will hold a press briefing at 12:45 pm ET to share more information about the suspected pipe bomb that was sent to the offices of CNN on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, more details are starting to emerge. The bomb was delivered in a package addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen is monitoring the situation. As a precaution, police have been sent to media outlets across NY. 

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Update II: So much for ‘under control’…

The NYPD has issued an ’emergency alert’ for the area around Columbus circle after a pipe bomb was found to have been sent to the offices of CNN earlier Thursday morning. According to CNN, the suspicious device is about to be removed from the cable news channel’s offices in the Time Warner Building.


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Update: Police say the situation at the Time Warner Center is under control.

Here’s more from CNN:

The device sent to Time Warner Center was constructed with a pipe and wires, according to an NYPD source. Law enforcement authorities are treating the device as a real explosive.

The device was discovered in the mailroom of Time Warner Center.

The evacuation at Time Warner Center includes WarnerMedia corporate offices and the offices for other Turner channels like TNT. It also includes the mall and the Whole Foods in the basement.

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The Time Warner Center, located in New York City’s Columbus Circle, has been evacuated, interrupting a broadcast by CNN.




One CNN employee said she wasn’t allowed to grab her coat or belongings and was told to immediately head to the staircase.

A suspicious package was cited as the reason for the evacuation. A bomb squad is reportedly on the scene to investigate. It’s notable that the Secret Service intercepted possible bombs sent the Clintons and the Obamas on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.


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