Turkey: Statutory decree to reinstate 731 to their jobs

Turkish government will reinstate hundreds of civil servants who were dismissed from their jobs for suspected links to a terrorist group accused of trying to overthrow the government, the Official Gazette said late Saturday.

A total of 731 employees have to begin work in 10 days to be reinstated, according to the statutory decree published in the gazette. All of their financial and social rights that were lost after they were dismissed will also be reinstated.

On the other hand, the government dismissed 3,974 public staff over suspected links to the Fetullah Gulen.

According to the decree, 18 foundations, 14 associations and 13 healthcare organisations having links to Gulen were closed, while 5 associations will continue to their activities.

The civil servants were suspected of being members or linked to the Gulen movement and include employees from Turkish Parliament, Turkish Supreme Court, Turkish Supreme Election Board, the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors, Directorate of Religious Affairs, the ministries of justice, energy, and interior and other state institutions.

They were among thousands of public officials dismissed nationwide in the wake of the deadly coup attempt last July. Many other employees remain under investigation.

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