Watch Live: Senate Votes On 3-Week Spending Stopgap As Democrats Strike A Deal

Update (11:40 am ET): In a blockbuster scoop, Talking Points Memo is reporting that Senate Democrats are on the brink of accepting a deal to end the government shutdown in exchange for the promise of a vote on the DREAM Act in the coming weeks, three sources told TPM.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin told reporters that he believes the shutdown could end today. Sen. Jeff Flake also thinks there are enough votes to move forward…

The details of the deal aren’t yet clear. But multiple Democratic sources familiar with an ongoing meeting of Senate Democrats on the Hill made it clear that an agreement to reopen the government for a few weeks was all but certain late Monday morning.

“There’s a deal and the vote will likely have room to spare above 60,” one source familiar with the Senate Democrats’ meeting told TPM.

Another Democrat familiar with the meeting confirmed the deal, while a third said that while there wasn’t a “done deal yet” there was an “outline” of a deal that would likely pass when the Senate takes it up on Monday.

That deal is expected to get strong support from Democrats — including fierce immigration advocates like Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), the leading Senate advocate for so-called “DREAMers” whose vote would provide cover for other Democrats to support an agreement.

A cloture vote on the three-week spending stopgap is expected at noon…

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As the 2018 government shutdown entered its third day Monday, Mitch McConnell called a noon vote on a procedural measure to begin advancing his bill for a three-week stopgap measure.

The bill would fund the government at the current levels through Feb. 8 – a short-term fix that would allow talks to continue. It would also extend funding for the popular children’s health-insurance program.

A bipartisan group of senators is pushing a plan whereby McConnell would promise to bring an immigration bill to the floor before the three-week stopgap expires. In return, Democrats would lend their support for the extension. McConnell has said he would bring the immigration bill to the floor regardless of the White House’s stance on the issue.

Watch the vote below:

White House Legislative Director Marc Short said earlier that he’s unsure the Senate has the 60 votes needed to reach a deal. Though McConnell has said the procedural vote is still planned for 12 pm ET. He has reportedly refused to reschedule the vote, which was initially planned for 1 am ET Monday.

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