Weekly analytics- Elliott waves analysis – Buy Apple Shares

Apple Weekly Review

Wave Analysis

The shares of this company continues to climb higher despite the forecasts that it could plummet, We’re waiting for a clear rise above both the Up and Lower Kumo to confirm that we’re upwards. The fact that the last impulsive wave (5) failed to penetrate below the the end of the impulsive wave (3) is a sign that could be heading to the upper side. As it is on the daily chart attached, the best place to buy the shares of this company is above 231.45. Unless you holding onto the shares of this company already, we recommend remain flat, but wait for a break above 231.45 to buy these shares or a plunge towards 143.85.

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Reuters Weekly Review

Wave Analysis

Reuters is currently trading around 53.18, This is perfectly in line with what we forecasted during the previous trading day, as long as the price remains above 91.43-51.02, we’re still buyers. If you’re not already holding shares of this company, you could wait for a correction towards the zone marked above to buy the shares of this company at the least risk possible. As it is, only buyers are recommended, but should the price penetrate below 51.43-51.02, then we’re going to sell the shares of this company. 

Trade Recommendations:

Rebuy the Reuters around 51.43.

Ford Weekly review

Wave Analysis

Instead of continuing to the upperside, the shares of this company plunged slightly to the lowerside. But as we mentioned earlier last last week, we’re only going to sell the shares of this company around the upper trendline marked above. As it is, if you’re holding onto the shares of this company, its good to hold onto them but consider selling a bounce from the upperside. Basically, the key level to check for on this chart include 10.50, 7.60, and 13.85, these are the key lines, a break below 7.60 will push the price further to the lowerside.

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