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The company’s shares show a positive trend. Wall Street investment banks are increasing revenue and net profit forecast for 2019. Coca-Cola management announced a set of measures aimed at increasing revenues in emerging markets. Coca offers clearly superior growth outlook peers, with stronger pricing power, favorable strategy tweaks, solid volume growth, and rebounding emerging market trends. Consumers love the company’s new low-calorie product line. This trend is able to significantly increase sales in 2019. The increase in revenues will have a positive impact on the value of shares.

Trading recommendation: Buy 48.85 and take profit 50.00.

Buy #CocaCola, #Alibaba, #Lukoil


Positive corporate statistics and the expectation of new trade negotiations between the US and China will have a positive impact on the value shares of the company. Chinese e-commerce giant beat fourth-quarter revenue forecasts. Revenue for January-March increased 51% to 93.50 billion yuan. Net income attributable to ordinary shareholders rose in the quarter to 25.83 billion yuan, from 7.56 billion yuan in the same period a year earlier. Top management of the company said it expects its revenue for the full fiscal year ending in March 2020 will top 500 billion yuan, which would be a 33% increase on the previous year.

Trading recommendation: Buy 168.75 and take profit 172.14

Buy #CocaCola, #Alibaba, #Lukoil


Positive corporate news will have a positive impact on the company’s capitalization. LUKOIL’s Board of Directors recommended that the shareholders meeting take a decision to repay 5% of the shares purchased on the exchange. Representatives of LUKOIL said that they will extinguish such shares and due to this the amount of dividends on securities that remain in circulation will increase. This factor will increase the share of LUKOIL shares traded on the stock exchange. We are waiting for the bull rally in the company’s shares this week!

Trading recommendation: Buy 5215.14 and take profit 5425.30.

Buy #CocaCola, #Alibaba, #Lukoil