Weekly analytics- Forex Fundamental Analysis – Buy #IBM and #BRENT

Buy #IBM and #BRENT


IBM has a reputation for being an old-timer in a sector dominated by relatively young tech giants. IBM is not a consumer computer company anymore. The company advertises vast array of corporate computing products. The company making its artificial-intelligence platform, Watson, available across any cloud, not just cloud environments operated by IBM. IBM is almost everywhere in the corporate computing landscape, and in cloud computing, company is now focused on hybrid cloud, a combination of public and private clouds that most companies are moving toward. New business solutions will have a positive impact on the value of the company’s shares!

Trading recommendation: Buy 2767 and take profit 2805.

Buy #IBM and #BRENT


Oil prices headed higher, as progress in U.S. -China trade talks adjusted expectations for global demand higher in the hope of a deal. That trades tensions between the world’s two largest economies may be thawing, together with OPEC-led production cuts, have translated into a rally of more than 10% this months. Saudi Arabia needs higher oil prices. The Kingdom is ready for any measures aimed at the development of an uptrend in the hydrocarbon market. In the new five-day we can expect the continuation of the “bull rally”.

Trading recommendation: Buy 66.70 and take profit 68.23.

Buy #IBM and #BRENT


The uptrend in the black gold market will support Exxon shares. The company made significant progress on investments that will generate long-term accretive value for our shareholders. Production oil in the Permian increased another 12% relative to the third quarter. Natural gas production was up 11%, primarily due to seasonal gas demand in the Netherlands. Exxon started up on the third of our six key refinery projects, the advanced hydrocracker at Rotterdam refinery. This advantaged investment increases capacity to produce higher-value products, including ultra-low sulfur fuels and Group II premium lubricant base stocks. The growth of production will have a positive impact on the value of the company’s shares.

Trading recommendation: Buy 78.15 and take profit 79.23.